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Occupational Therapy Services

How can Occupational Therapy help a student or an adult with a disability?

Occupational Therapy uses Neurokinesthetic, Sensory and Motor approaches combining strengthening, sensori-motor, resistant and dexterity activities to strengthen fine motor skills. Visual –motor activities are employed to address a child’s ability to perform optimally in the classroom environment. Sensory activities provide children with sensory integration processing difficulties with the opportunity to actively participate in their academic environment with proper attention and body modulation.  

How is someone referred for an Occupational Therapy evaluation or consultation?

Any individual who has a specific disability or area of concern may request an Occupational Therapy evaluation to explore options to support reading, writing and computer access tasks.  A referral for an Occupational Therapy evaluation may also be recommended by a Neuropsychologist, Diagnostician, Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, or other educational professional. Documentation of medical necessity may be required depending on your health plan. Referral assistance is available when you contact our intake specialists.

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